“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you” -Tony Dorsett

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by fashion magazines. Unfortunately, I'm not able to go to all those wonderful fashion shows, so the next best thing...is magazines. I could spend hours looking through Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire.

One of my favorite things to do is to cut pictures out that I like from my fashion magazines and then pin them onto my bulletin board. It allows me to build on to my creativity and design my own outfits without actually having to buy the clothes. I enjoy designing outfits from magazines, and it inspires me to wear similar clothes in my everyday outfits.

Maybe someday, I will sketch and sew my own line but, for now, I will leave it to my idols like Marc Jacobs.

Keep reaching for the stars,


Fashion Friday!!

Fashion Friday has arrived and Project Runway started it's new season tonight.

L.O.(top photo) is wearing one of my favorite outfit's because of the vibrant colors and it makes me think of the early 80's design vibe. This is on my fashion must have list from Forever 21. She looks Awesome!

H.M. ( second photo from the top)is looking fabulous in her Hollywood styled sunglasses. What teen doesn't leave the house without them? I tried on several pairs at Gap kids to today.

Me ( bottom two photos) I am wearing a Bomber jacket, a plaid flannel shirt, skinny jeans, and red Converse. My favorite thing about my my outfit is the leather bomber jacket from Hollister Co. I like it because it reminds me of the Southern California grunge look. It's a basic piece that could be worn with anything.

My goal of hosting Fashion Friday is to showcase what teens are wearing and to highlight their styles. Send photos to me for the next Fashion Friday.


Thrift Store Finds

This Sunday me and my mom headed to the local Salvation Army Store in search of wool sweaters. She was crafting wool flower brooches for her work. The brooches will be for sale very soon. But I had a different mission in mind, Clothes, Glorious, Clothes! I came out very satisfied with my Neiman Marcus EXCLUSIVE sweater shrug. A $2.99 purchase! What can be more fabulous than that? I am wearing it with a black tutu (Claire's $10), black leggings (Justice $10.50), a black tank(Kohl's $6), and black shiny ballet flats (Target 19.99)...let's not forget the fabulous headband with the tulle and satin flowers ( Forever 21-$4.99)!

Oh my, Oh my! With a little time and patience you to can find a great deal at Salvation Army.
Rememeber, Fashion Friday is coming up soon. E-mail me pictures you in your favorite outfit!


Why a Fashion Blog

How it all started~

Saturday morning, I was eating my Smores Pop Tart. My mom handed me an article to read from the Kansas City Star. It was about a girl named Tavi. She was a 13 year old fashion blogger. I quickly realized we had a lot in common.

What we have in common-

1. We have a passion for fashion and trends.
2. We love the search for a great bargain.
3. We like photography and clipping magazine photos into cut-and-paste books
4. We are tiny,tiny teens.
5. We are Midwest girls.

She inspired me to create my own fashion blog. I want my blog to show that you can find interesting, cool styles for not always a lot of money. I will show you how and where to find these great deals. Notice the ultra cool hat I am wearing in the photo below. It was a steal at $3 from your favorite red dot store, aka Target.

I also want my blog to show what teens are wearing, trends that are coming, and cool finds. Please email me photos of your favorite outfit and I will be happy to feature you on "Fashion Fridays". I am looking forward to see what teens all over the world are wearing. Don't forget to sign up to follow my blog and stay updated on teen fashion.