My Love for Oscar

Magnificent, beautiful, and genius just a few words to describe Oscar De La Renta. If I could afford to buy his clothing, trust me, I totally would! Duh, it's like a God came down from the heavens and said this boy will be one of the best fashion designers in the world. Let me show you what I mean.


Spring Thunderstorms and Shoes

Ahhh, the smell of worms, rain, and brand new shoes are in the air. Well, not exactly brand new shoes. But anyways, Oxfords and Dr. Martens are coming back! Dr. Martens have the cutest floral prints I have ever seen! They are great for everything except walking through 4 inches of snow and lots of rain. Anyways, they can go with a simple a pair of skinny jeans or even a Betsey Johnson dress. They are definitely a must have on my birthday list!

Oxfords... pure genius. They go with anything and I mean anything. You can dress up with them and you can dress casual with them! Who doesn't love them? (I don't have to wear them as a uniform but I wish I could.)These are another must haves on my birthday list which is coming up very soon.
Great Deal: Forever 21 is selling them for $20!