Marci, The First Pig In Space!

Behold, Marci the flying pig.
Megan, and I created her last night for a science project.
We can't wait to send her up and into space.
By the way, she is a water bottle rocket.
Cool, right?
Speaking of space, Christopher Kane has a really cool clothing line that looks like Outer Space.
It is kind've a hippie style but, with an astronomy print.
So, they could be called Astro Hippies!
I'm trying to decide if I like the shoes or not, they remind me of Barbie shoes.
Are they a yes or a no?
You decide.



Amuck. What does that mean? I have no idea what it means all I know is that Amuck is a local brand in Kansas City. It's really cool because they find scraps of metal and other materials to make their jewelry. I like the thought of finding pieces of metal and then making them in to jewelry. It's super cool and it helps the Earth. Thanks for the necklace Jessica!

I found the Definition!
Definition of Amuck-
1. In a frenzy to do violence or kill.
2. In or into a jumbled or confused state.
3. In or into a uncontrolled state or a state of extreme activity.


Our Economy... Blah, Blah, Blah

As you all know our economy stinks... and we have no money.
Like many families, we are not going to spend all of our money on clothes, shoes, and accessories like we used to.
So... that means no more expensive cashmere sweaters from J.Crew or Louis Vuttion purses.
How about a few shopping tips for the budget conscience teen.
  1. If you really want something, wait for it to go on sale
  2. Try shopping at Thrift Stores, you will not believe what you can find. Remember my awesome Converse shoes?
  3. Shop at discount stores like Marshalls or T.J. Maxx
  4. Outlet shopping, for example Legends in Kansas, has great deals
  5. Look for coupons of online specials

Did you know that 28 American Eagle Outfitters stores will be closing and a shocking 60 Abercombie and Fitch stores will be closing in the U.S.? I am not sure how this will effect Kansas City stores yet. But, it's sad to know that a lot of great stores aren't surviving the poor economy.

Upcoming stores that will be closing in 2010 click here and here.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

The first day of school outfit is such a big deal to lots of girls, including me. My inspiration this year is florals. Bright pinks and reds mixed with with dark navy blue and forest green. It reminds me of a first date outfit. You know when the girl walks in slow-motion and her hair blows back and the guy just sits there thinking DAMM! Totally fun, and comfortable.

Excuse the smirk on my face. I think that I was watching my mom make a fool of herself while all of the cars slowed down to see what my mom was doing. Just the usual, taking photos.

Oh yes, the best thing happened today, Justin Beiber got hit with a water bottle and I got the silver, sparkly, oxfords that I have been dreaming of from Forever 21!