Thrift Store Finds

This Sunday me and my mom headed to the local Salvation Army Store in search of wool sweaters. She was crafting wool flower brooches for her work. The brooches will be for sale very soon. But I had a different mission in mind, Clothes, Glorious, Clothes! I came out very satisfied with my Neiman Marcus EXCLUSIVE sweater shrug. A $2.99 purchase! What can be more fabulous than that? I am wearing it with a black tutu (Claire's $10), black leggings (Justice $10.50), a black tank(Kohl's $6), and black shiny ballet flats (Target 19.99)...let's not forget the fabulous headband with the tulle and satin flowers ( Forever 21-$4.99)!

Oh my, Oh my! With a little time and patience you to can find a great deal at Salvation Army.
Rememeber, Fashion Friday is coming up soon. E-mail me pictures you in your favorite outfit!


Sandy Michelle said...

What a great find and I love all the pieces put together! I am going to buy a tutu at Claires for my girls now! I can't wait to see your mom's brooches :)


Hayden said...

thank you!