Why a Fashion Blog

How it all started~

Saturday morning, I was eating my Smores Pop Tart. My mom handed me an article to read from the Kansas City Star. It was about a girl named Tavi. She was a 13 year old fashion blogger. I quickly realized we had a lot in common.

What we have in common-

1. We have a passion for fashion and trends.
2. We love the search for a great bargain.
3. We like photography and clipping magazine photos into cut-and-paste books
4. We are tiny,tiny teens.
5. We are Midwest girls.

She inspired me to create my own fashion blog. I want my blog to show that you can find interesting, cool styles for not always a lot of money. I will show you how and where to find these great deals. Notice the ultra cool hat I am wearing in the photo below. It was a steal at $3 from your favorite red dot store, aka Target.

I also want my blog to show what teens are wearing, trends that are coming, and cool finds. Please email me photos of your favorite outfit and I will be happy to feature you on "Fashion Fridays". I am looking forward to see what teens all over the world are wearing. Don't forget to sign up to follow my blog and stay updated on teen fashion.


Anonymous said...

dude this is so cool. i really enjoy your passion for fashion. :) i love it how you're so motivated and inspired by others to make your dream come true.

Kyra said...

Hey Hayden! Your blog is *amazing!* I'm jealous haha. Do you still respond to Haydenhangs whatever? Anyways, I will be emailing you constantly - when I get bored I go web shopping sometimes haha! Check out my blog too! I'll send you the link via Facebook.. and that's all because I'm rambling!

Gramma said...

Haydee Mac, After talking to you, I found how I could comment on your beautiful blog. I love it -- and it's so you!! You made it very eye popping also -- colorful and interesting. I intend to follow it so you had better keep it up and keep your old Gramma up to date. A very cool blog, sweet thing. Love you lots!!

snoblak said...

Your blog design is cute and it's off to a great start. I will be reading more of you for sure ;-)

Hayden said...

Thank you I'm getting ready for my next post...Thrift Store Finds

Sandy Michelle said...

Welcome to blog land sweetie! I can't wait to see what teens are wearring everywhere! I love that you are looking for affordable styles too!


Gramma said...

Haydee Mac, I love your new posts. I just checked them out and they are really cool. Good job!! I'll be checking in regularly. I like it that you are a true bargain hunter.