Why a Fashion Blog

How it all started~

Saturday morning, I was eating my Smores Pop Tart. My mom handed me an article to read from the Kansas City Star. It was about a girl named Tavi. She was a 13 year old fashion blogger. I quickly realized we had a lot in common.

What we have in common-

1. We have a passion for fashion and trends.
2. We love the search for a great bargain.
3. We like photography and clipping magazine photos into cut-and-paste books
4. We are tiny,tiny teens.
5. We are Midwest girls.

She inspired me to create my own fashion blog. I want my blog to show that you can find interesting, cool styles for not always a lot of money. I will show you how and where to find these great deals. Notice the ultra cool hat I am wearing in the photo below. It was a steal at $3 from your favorite red dot store, aka Target.

I also want my blog to show what teens are wearing, trends that are coming, and cool finds. Please email me photos of your favorite outfit and I will be happy to feature you on "Fashion Fridays". I am looking forward to see what teens all over the world are wearing. Don't forget to sign up to follow my blog and stay updated on teen fashion.


lucky_charm6 said...

dude this is so cool. i really enjoy your passion for fashion. :) i love it how you're so motivated and inspired by others to make your dream come true.

Kyra said...

Hey Hayden! Your blog is *amazing!* I'm jealous haha. Do you still respond to Haydenhangs whatever? Anyways, I will be emailing you constantly - when I get bored I go web shopping sometimes haha! Check out my blog too! I'll send you the link via Facebook.. and that's all because I'm rambling!

Gramma said...

Haydee Mac, After talking to you, I found how I could comment on your beautiful blog. I love it -- and it's so you!! You made it very eye popping also -- colorful and interesting. I intend to follow it so you had better keep it up and keep your old Gramma up to date. A very cool blog, sweet thing. Love you lots!!

snoblak said...

Your blog design is cute and it's off to a great start. I will be reading more of you for sure ;-)

Hayden said...

Thank you I'm getting ready for my next post...Thrift Store Finds

Sandy Michelle said...

Welcome to blog land sweetie! I can't wait to see what teens are wearring everywhere! I love that you are looking for affordable styles too!


Gramma said...

Haydee Mac, I love your new posts. I just checked them out and they are really cool. Good job!! I'll be checking in regularly. I like it that you are a true bargain hunter.