Lazy Sunday

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Today was my kind of day, a chococolate breakfest, spending time with my family, and watching my dog go crazy over this flying chicken we got her for Valentine's day. I have fallen in love with Forever 21's Love collection. It's fun, romanatic, and chic at the same time. My favorite piece is the Boys Love Me tank, it's very cute and funny. This is where I got the idea for this outfit. Red and white are my favorite colors for Valentine's Day. I am wearing a Gap Kids skirt, vintage heels from mom's closet, a Chanel bag from mom's closet, a Tee from Marshells, and a vintage necklace from the thrift store. Oh, and I forgot the rose from Quiktrip!

Thanks Sutton for taking the photos, you are one awesome brother!

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