Why Yes, I Did

I know exactly what you are thinking- "Is that a spray paint heart on snow"?
Why yes, yes it is and my dad doesn't know about it yet, so it can be our secret. (Dad if your looking at this the spray paint has probably dyed the snow or it has been tracked all around the house but remember, it's just red spray paint.)

But, let's not get off topic.

Okay, I found these perfect pair of Converse High tops at my local Thrift Store. They cost $6.00. Amazing, I know this sounds kinda nasty because they have been worn before. I cleaned mine and I wear really, really, really, thick socks with them. I love them because they will go with everything and they look cute with almost any style of jeans. Everytime I walk into a Thrift Store, I head straight to the shoes, because once I found a pair of Michael Kors tennis shoes and yes, they were real Michael Kors and super cute... but a size 8. If you know me, I am barely a size five. So, that's why I go to the shoes first. When I saw the high tops, they made my heart sing. It was love at first sight!

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