I am really in love with Betsey Johnson.This Christmas, my parents bought me a Betsey Johnson necklace, I LOVE IT TO PIECES! The bright, vibrant colors make me smile every time I look at one of her collections. She also, has a cool vintage flair. I am soooo happy that I live by a Betsey Johnson store! I tell my parents almost everyday that I am going to wear a Betsey Johnson dress to prom-- no matter what! Well,they think that my date for the prom is going to think that I look like a rainbow that spit up... but who cares~she is my favorite dress designer other than Vera Wang but, I will save that story for later.

This necklace is so unique from all the other necklaces out there, because of the bebbled glass on top and the bows on the sides of the heart. Screaming fabulous details!

These are three of my favorite outfits she has made. They are a little crazy and weird but I like it! My favorite outfit is the one to the right. I just love those purple colored tights with the crazy skirt.

I love the tye-dyed hair pieces and her underwear is so funny. You can buy one pair with a "B" on it and another one with an "E", so on and so on until you spell B-E-T-S-E-Y!


Kelsey said...

Do you have a TJ maxx near where you live? It's always fun to sift through what they have... you might come across a Juicy Couture purse or a random Betsey Johnson find... :)

Hayden said...

Yes! I love that store. I get my Betsey Johnson socks from there.(: